Industrial Design Engineer


I am an Industrial Design Engineer (probably because of him) which loves animation.

I work as Art Director at AIM Sport doing things like this.

Professionally, I started doing websites at VGSystems.

I co-created Hunteet.com thanks to have won 1st award at Nokia Brainslaboratory with some awesome friends from college.

Then, I started working as Industrial Designer at theleisureway and I helped doing things like this or that.

I also have started this loops with the collaboration of my awesome friend and photographer AniAnn.

In the meantime, I model stuff like this and I created this guy for a web-videogame for Gokotta Studio.

In order to make my little cousins laught, I have fun making videos like this or that

I admire the work of people like
Libelium SmartDesign Designit IDEO Fjord Frog ustwo
because they put people first and focus on make life better throught technology.